ACCA-特许公认会计师公会成立于1904年,是目前世界上最大及最有影响力的专业会计师组织之一,在160多个国家共设有300多个考点,拥有学生和会员超过二十五万人,ACCA课程全面,现已被联合国采用作为全球会计课程的蓝本。想必想在会计方面有所发展的同学们对ACCA应该都不陌生。现在有越来越多的ACCA学生在大学毕业之际或在工作几年后选择申请到国外的大学就读硕士课程。泽稷网校整理了国外大学和ACCA有关的一些硕士项目供有意海外留学的学员参考。 相关的硕士项目分为两类:

第一类的招生对象包括已经通过ACCA F1-F9科目或者获得F1-F9免试的ACCA学生,某些课程的设置令学生有机会在硕士学习的同时准备ACCA专业阶段课程的考试 (此类硕士项目标注为Category I)

第二类的招生对象包括ACCA全科通过的学生,或者对于ACCA全科通过的学生有一定程度的优惠待遇 (此类硕士项目标注为Category II)

下面为大家介绍一下University of Gloucestershire的ACCA硕士项目。

The University of Gloucestershire, based in the glorious Cotswolds, is founded on a tradition of providing high quality education for more than a century and a half.

The MSc in Accounting and Financial Management has been designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge demanded by employers and will give you a competitive edge in the job market. If you’re a finance professional, holder of a relevant degree or have passed ACCA Fundamentals stage, it is a chance to explore advances in accounting and corporate governance, management accounting and corporate finance and valuation.

Each module offers a combination of practical and research focused activities that reflect the realities of present day management. The modules have been chosen because we recognise that the primary goal of management is to ensure viable and continuing organisations. Successful completion will provide you with the skills and knowledge to think strategically in both financial and management terms.

MSc Accounting and Financial Management (Full Programme - Category I)

英国格鲁斯特大学(University of Gloucestershire)格罗斯特郡大学位于英国西南地区,地处风景秀丽的Cotswolds。学校有四个校园,3个校区在切尔滕纳姆Cheltenham,1个位于格罗斯特Gloucester。学生可以乘坐免费校车来往于四个校园之间。目前共有四个主要的校区,拥有全日制和非全日制学生9500多名,开设的研究生和本科生课程范围广泛,包括会计和金融管理、商业、多媒体、营销学、环境管理、风景管理、水资源管理、运动发展、酒店学、广播新闻学、美国研究、历史、广告学和教育学。